Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
Politics, Philosophy 

Redistributing happiness

What if socialism actually cared about redistributing happiness, instead of redistributing money, which is among the least important factors to thrive. Then the government would force the beautiful to marry the ugly, the smart to carry the stupid, the talented to entertain the inept, the industrious to cohabit with the lazy, the sexy to copulate with the disgusting, and the funny to lighten up the boring.

No matter how absurd this sounds, it would have made much more of a difference. Instead, socialism keeps everyone in a perpetual state of envy over how much more money his neighbor makes, while improving the life quality of no one.

Are you starving? Are you missing a roof over your head? No. Now, everything else that worries you is just made up ghosts in your head. Own up to your life decisions, value what you have, and stop worrying about what other people are doing.

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