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Swedish health care

The Swedish model of "free" health care: You have vertigo, so you call the automated call center to get a phone consultation appointment the next day. If they think you have a serious enough sickness, you get an appointment at the hospital a week later. You pay $15 to get examined by a general practitioner. If he thinks it is anything serious, you get booked to an expert two weeks later, who might have a cure for you. Meanwhile, you have paid a fortune over the years to this system through insane taxation rates. Much more than you will ever use up in traditional hospital bills. Your blood pressure rises while you suffer because you are at the mercy of "professionals" with no say or control. But hey, it's "free"!

The Thai model of health care: You look up who is the expert on vertigo in the city. You book a consultation in the next few days. You pay $40 for the consultation and medicine. You throw away half of the medicine, because it is useless and they sold it to you to maximize profit. You feel relief. Alternatively, you immediately go to the most upscale hospital in the city, and within one hour you are examined by their vertigo expert, and you pay $100.

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