Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Funky organs

The organ is a great instrument, and fits really well in funk, acid jazz and gospel music.

Below are some funky organ parts that I like very much. 

Corduroy, Very Yea. Scott Addison plays one of the best organ intros I have ever heard.

Phil Lassiter hammers it down in this gospel style instructional video.

Tower of Power, What is hip. The great Chester Thompson plays a solo, starting at 3:14.

Andreas Hellqvist is unleashed on a Hammond B3.

Koinonia, Cuando. Overall a great song, and especially the intro interplay between the organ and bass.

Tower of Power, Squib Cakes. Another great performance by Chester Thompson.

Bonus: Barbara Dennerlein, Very Hot Stuff. More jazz than funk, but still amazing to see how someone can be so ambidextrous.

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