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Memorable Late Show moments

David Letterman retired from the Late Show recently. It is hard to find a more quick witted and obnoxious talk show host. Add to that a healthy dose of self deprecating humor, and he became my favorite for many years. Here I've collected a few YouTube videos with memorable moments.

Chris Farley, 1994. I've never seen Dave laughing more than this.

David flirting with Julia Roberts, Drew Barrymore, Beyonce and others. He probably got bashed really bad at home for this, but it was great TV entertainment.

Drum solo week, a really cool idea, picked up from the days of Buddy Rich v.s. Gene Crupa. In this segment Gavin Harrison does a spectacular solo.

Hard to no get excited when Herbie Hancock plays a Joe Cocker classic with Derek Trucks on guitar. Add the great vocals of Susan Tedeschi, and the superb backing by Colaiuta and Genus.

An extremely awkward situation, this interview with Joaquin Phoenix later turned out to be bogus. Joaquin was trying on some reality movie persona, and everyone was kept in the dark.

More of the awkwardness, but with Tom Cruise this time, who just can't stop laughing.

And it is hard to forget all the fun times Dave was out interacting with ordinary folks.

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