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To belong somewhere

I really miss the feeling of belonging somewhere, and to be part of something meaningful. I am usually a very creative and productive person, but I've lost inspiration. So I take this post as an opportunity to connect with people who either feel the same way, or who want me to join their project, or perhaps have suggestions for what I should do.

I feel that I have a lot to offer, I just need to find the right circumstance. Spending too much time alone last few years has made me lose focus in life. It made me feel detached, as if I have no roots and belong nowhere. I want to change that now. So let me describe my skills, interests and personality, to give you a clearer view.

I am pretty much self taught, which comes from an attitude of "yes, can do", and "how hard can it be?" But that is for technical stuff. In social situations I am usually reserved, although I am agreeable and easy to talk to. My strong drive to understand how things work, and to create new useful things, has made me an engineer.

I was involved with computers for a very long time. Programming was my hobby, passion and profession. As a computer consultant and programmer I developed web sites, applications and computer games. But I over did it, so now I get extremely dizzy if I spend more than an hour at a computer. I have completely stopped with work that require strong concentration in front of a screen, but I still use computers for simple stuff, like writing this blog. But it would be silly to not try to use my extensive knowledge about programming, computer hardware and electronics in some way. I'm still trying to figure out how.

I built two houses, one in Thailand and one in Sweden. I really enjoy practical work like carpentry and masonry. But also tinkering with small stuff like soldering electronics and building scale models. Working with projects where there is a clear goal fits my personality really well. I'll gladly take responsibility and become an enthusiastic problem solver in such situations.

Music has been a passion for all my life. I'm a drummer on a semi pro level, and also cheat a bit on bass. To me music isn't just a profession, it is a beautiful way to socialize without using words. I love to listen to and play almost every style of music.

I have a strong connection with nature, and that's why some of my homes have been far away in the countryside. Nature gives me the meditation I need to keep balanced. On my travels around the world I have seen many different kinds of majestic forests and wildlife. Growing my own food gives me great pleasure.

I was involved with wellness and the fitness industry for some years. I take great interest in how to train my body and to stay healthy. I am not spiritual, but enjoy philosophical discussions.

I'm also very curious about exotic places and cultures. There is something to learn from most corners of the world. I've lived extensively in Sweden, Thailand, USA, Colombia, Hong Kong and Ukraine. I speak native Swedish, fluent English, some Thai and some Spanish. I can see myself living almost anywhere on the planet. The people and the purpose is what counts. I have started from scratch in unfamiliar places many times, and find it an exciting challenge.

So how do I think about my next step in life? I'm very open minded, and would appreciate suggestions. Any kind of life anywhere in the world. But there are a few limitations: I can't spend more than one hour per day at a computer. I don't want to be alone. It must be a long term solution. What ever money I make must cover my living costs, so I don't constantly have to worry. Here are a few ideas:

  • On a farm of some kind. Joining an existing, or starting a new.
  • As a teacher of some kind
  • Construction work
  • Any kind of task abroad that needs a native speaker of Swedish
  • Forest conservation

Please contact me with your thoughts on this. You'll find my email at the About me page.

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