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Flowers of Kullfallet

This is an ongoing list of wild flowers found at my property Kullfallet, Sweden.

I use Digiflora to identify unknown species.

Arctic starflower (Skogsstjärna). Beautiful small white stars with six petals on stems with unevenly sized leaves. Blooms in June.

Lily of the valley (Liljekonvalj). Tiny white bell-shaped flowers on a stem covered by two large leaves. Smells wonderful. Poisonous. Blooms in June.

Viola (Viol). Blue, purple, white and mixed color flowers, there are many varieties. Edible. Blooms in June.

Wild strawberry (Smultron). Tiny white flowers with a yellow center. Medium sized serrated leaves. A welcome sign of lots of yummy berries to come. Blooms in June.

Cloudberry (Hjortron).  Single white flowers and hairy serrated leaves. Grows in bogs and produces the delicious cloudberry. Blooms in June.

Buttercup (Smörblomma). Shiny yellow flowers on a stem one to two feet high. Blooms in May.

Wood sorrel (Harsyra). Small white flowers that close in the evening. Leaves look like three-leaved clover, and are edible with a fresh sour taste. Blooms in May.

Dandelion (Maskros). So common that it's seen as a weed in Sweden. But beautiful yellow flowers, that can be made into wine.

Lingonberry (Lingon). Delicious red berries, similar in taste to cranberries. Lots and lots of these berries around here. Can be cooked into jam or juice.

May lily (Ekorrbär). Tiny white flowers, and eventually red poisonous berries.

Bogbean (Vattenklöver). Grows in bogs, with beautiful white flowers. The leaves can be used to treat stomach problems.

Tormentil (Blodrot). A medicinal plant. Flowers in June.

Marsh hawksbeard (Kärrfibbla).

Oxeye daisy (Prästkrage). Leaves are edible.

Cow parsley (Hundkäx).

Germander speedwell (Teveronika). The leaves make a nice tea with medicinal effects.

Heath spotted orchid (Jungfru Marie Nycklar).

Fire lily (Brandlilja).

Wood cranesbill (Midsommarblomster).

Clover (Klöver).

Bladder campion (Smällglim).

Harebell (Blåklocka).

Woundwort (Gullris).

Fireweed (Mjölke, Rallarros).

Vicia (Vicker)

Field Scabious (Åkervädd)

Small cow-wheat (Skogskovall)

St John's wort (Johannesört)

Hare's-tail cottongrass (Tuvull). Common in bogs.

Raspberry (Hallon).

Sheep's sorrel (Ängssyra)

Alpine bistort (Ormrot)

Red-berried Elder (Druvfläder). A bush with tiny yellow flowers that smell good. Gives inedible red berries.

Shepherd's purse (Lomme).

Thimbleweed (Vitsippa).

Tufted Loosestrife (Topplösa). Grows in bogs and wetlands.

Cow vetch (Kråkvicker). Fast growing climbing stems and with small seed pods similar to pea. 

Columbine (Akleja). Flowers in June.

Alpine Penny-cress (Backskärvfrö). A very small flower that looks similar to clover. Flowers in April.

Starwort (Grässtjärnblomma). Very small white flowers.

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