Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
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The Colin Archer 

Colin Archer was a Norwegian ship architect, who in 1893 designed and built the class of rescue ships now simply referred to as "Colin Archer". The extremely rugged vessels became iconic in Norway.

Archer spent a lot of time trying to come up with the perfect hull, making the ship almost unsinkable.

I find this ship to have really beautiful proportions and lines, so I decided to build a model of it.

Kullfallet, Alternative energy, Technology 

Optimizing energy storage

After running my solar power system for a while, and planning the heating system, it became clear to me that energy storage is the part that is hardest to solve.

The electrical batteries are the weakest link of the system. Unless you spend a lot of money on a large battery bank, you will have to be thrifty with your consumption, and you constantly worry about the charge level. 


Politics is the new religion

I watched part of the political debate between major party leaders in Sweden yesterday. At the same time the US presidential election is under way, and it now stands between Clinton and Trump. The state of politics in the world makes me filled with despair and contempt, and I wonder if democracy is really the best way to govern a country.

Technology, Software development 


This is an idea for a business that manufactures custom furniture using particle board. The client designs the furniture using a simple computer interface, and the furniture is then quickly manufactured using robots, and delivered as pieces in a box, IKEA style.

Slogan: We guarantee to have the furniture you want, because you design it yourself.

Snabbmöbler is Swedish for "fast furniture".


Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo

I was recently stuck with BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo) which is a horrible condition. After some struggle at hospitals and clinics, I've put together some info that will hopefully be helpful to other sufferers.

Politics, Philosophy 

Redistributing happiness

What if socialism actually cared about redistributing happiness, instead of redistributing money, which is among the least important factors to thrive. Then the government would force the beautiful to marry the ugly, the smart to carry the stupid, the talented to entertain the inept, the industrious to cohabit with the lazy, the sexy to copulate with the disgusting, and the funny to lighten up the boring.

No matter how absurd this sounds, it would have made much more of a difference. Instead, socialism keeps everyone in a perpetual state of envy over how much more money his neighbor makes, while improving the life quality of no one.

Are you starving? Are you missing a roof over your head? No. Now, everything else that worries you is just made up ghosts in your head. Own up to your life decisions, value what you have, and stop worrying about what other people are doing.

Philosophy, Religion 

Creation and the cosmological argument

The cosmological argument usually comes in a form similar to this: Everything that exists has a cause, so the universe itself must also have a cause, and that cause is an agent outside of time and space, i.e. a god that created the universe.

The reason the cosmological argument seems so persuasive is that it is easy to compare with how humans interact with the world. We are a species that thrive on our ingenuity with our own creations, so why wouldn’t the universe itself be a creation too? The problem is that there are two different contexts here for the word “creation”.

Health, Politics 

Swedish health care

The Swedish model of "free" health care: You have vertigo, so you call the automated call center to get a phone consultation appointment the next day. If they think you have a serious enough sickness, you get an appointment at the hospital a week later. You pay $15 to get examined by a general practitioner. If he thinks it is anything serious, you get booked to an expert two weeks later, who might have a cure for you. Meanwhile, you have paid a fortune over the years to this system through insane taxation rates. Much more than you will ever use up in traditional hospital bills. Your blood pressure rises while you suffer because you are at the mercy of "professionals" with no say or control. But hey, it's "free"!

The Thai model of health care: You look up who is the expert on vertigo in the city. You book a consultation in the next few days. You pay $40 for the consultation and medicine. You throw away half of the medicine, because it is useless and they sold it to you to maximize profit. You feel relief. Alternatively, you immediately go to the most upscale hospital in the city, and within one hour you are examined by their vertigo expert, and you pay $100.


Flying is way too safe

Flying somewhere with a commercial airline involves a lot of safety checks on both the planes and the passengers. This is a hassle to all travelers and I wonder why people put up with it. I guess it gives a false sense of comfort and security that many people need.


How to play drums

I've played drums on and off my whole adult life, and it's a big part of what keeps me happy and balanced. It is an awesome feeling to be part of creating music and to bring joy to other people.

I am self taught in drumming, and wasted a lot of time on making mistakes. Writing this text I hope to help fellow drummers to reach their goals faster.


Drumming in Thailand

A few videos of me playing drums with my band in Thailand. Sorry about the picture quality, but the audio is pretty good.

Kullfallet, Construction 

Home heating with firewood

If you have access to free firewood, then using it to heat your home becomes an attractive option.

In this entry I will explore the different firewood heating methods, and make some calculations for my cottage.

Kullfallet, Construction 

Finishing the bedroom

The floors of my cottage feel cold and are generally in bad shape. So I decided to replace them, and started with the bedroom first.

Technology, Kullfallet 

How to stabilize the temperature of a freezer

A common way to stabilize freezer temperature is to insert some bottles of water, which will turn to ice. This will increase the thermal mass of the freezer, so the temperature will be more even over time.

With freezer stabilization, you can extend the time the goods in your freezer will be cold in the case of a power out. This can also be useful for a hand carried freeze box.

Religion, Politics 

Charlie Hebdo

It's been a year since world-wide media failed miserably to stand up for free speech.

Lets never forget what was at stake the day after the massacre of 12 people at the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. Lets not forget how easy it would have been to publish the satirical content and drawings of Muhammad, in solidarity with the victims, and to show that free speech will never be intimidated by religion.

Kullfallet, Construction 

Finishing the exterior

The house exterior of Kullfallet was finished last September. Here are some pictures of the process.


Government coercion

The idea of socialism is to redistribute wealth so that fortunate people are forced to give to less fortunate ones. This can be distinguished from a society where people freely help the needy by voluntary donations.

At first glance it may seem like a socialist society is more brotherly and helping, but it is actually more cynical and pessimistic, because it says that human nature is rotten and will naturally not lead to any helping hands, unless forced by shaming and physical violence. On the other hand, a non socialist society focuses on developing the character of its citizens, so they naturally want to give to the less fortunate.


Electric bass favorites

Some of my favorite songs with great electric bass parts.


Can't get enough of the Funk

Time to shower some more funk over this blog. Can never get too funky for me!


Memorable Late Show moments

David Letterman retired from the Late Show recently. It is hard to find a more quick witted and obnoxious talk show host. Add to that a healthy dose of self deprecating humor, and he became my favorite for many years. Here I've collected a few YouTube videos with memorable moments.